We build software in the cloud. It can be a website you can maintain and extend yourself, a booking system, an ecommerce business to business system or even a virtual world.

Almost anything is possible, contact us to discuss your need.

Here are some examples of application types that we excel in. Take a look at our portfolio for examples.

Minimum Viable Products... and their maximally viable descendants.

Building MVPs is hard. We make it easier because we

  • understand your business needs and plans before we start
  • use agile development to build the MVP faster than you thought possible
  • leverage open source technology
  • build for extension and refinement

Websites... that you can easily maintain and extend

No website can afford to stand still if it is to fulfil its purpose. Content must be updated on a regular basis and even the website's presentation is likely to need a number of facelifts and enhancements during its lifetime. It must be easy to add extensions to the website that add useful functionality and it must be easy to scale the website to support growing traffic over time.


  • work closely with you to ensure your website meets your need
  • supply all websites using an easy to use CMS
  • supply all websites using responsive themes, generally by using bootstrap 3.0
  • leverage cheap VPS providers such as Amazon Web Services

APIs... that are easy to work with

Building software is hard. Building software that spans different machines and services is even harder. An Application Programming Interface (API) has to provide an interface to an application that makes it as easy as possible for developers to work with the application. Good Documentation is not enough. Developers must be able to 'introspect' the API, testing its calls and examining the results easily.

We create secure APIs to existing or new applications using a RESTful framework that proviides both an http and a json (or other program data) response making it particularly easy for developers to work with the API.

Furthermore, on occasion we've created client libraries that render the entire API transparent to the calling application, making code easier to develop and debug.

Database applications... that make sense to business users

A good data model underpins good business software. Changes to the data model can have implications that require substantial code re-factoring. We take care to create data models that (to paraphrase Einstein):

Keep it as simple as it can be, but no simpler.

We also address another common database problem; that of migration, by using South. South allows us to make significant improvements and extensions to the data model without compromising existing live data.

Ecommerce... that is easy for you and your customers

Many millions of dollars are traded annually through ecommerce systems that we have implemented using Open Source Frameworks such as Magento and Cartridge. In keeping with our policy of providing the most flexible and extensible systems possible, we are now favouring Django and Cartridge based solutions over Magento, although Magento may still be the better solution if you have a straightforward ecommerce requirement.

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International: +61 410 545 357