Curriculum Vitae

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Name:   Paul Whipp
Nationality:   Australian and British
Status:   Married
DOB:   24th May 1961
Address:   55 Masseys Creek Ct
Cedar Creek
QLD 4520
Mobile:   0410 545 357
Tel:   07 3103 2894

Computing (Post Grad, Aberystwyth)
Psychology (MA 1st, Oxford)
3 "A" Levels
Equivalent to 1st year Queensland tertiary education in Physics, Maths and Chemistry (AGS)
11 "O" Levels
HSC equivalents (AGS)


To write great cloud applications.

Professional Overview:

Relevant Work History

Dec 07 - present Web Development  

Software and website development for businesses leveraging Django, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PostGIS, Magento and Joomla.

  • Developed APIs for online ebook publication, digital magazine publication (via apps), and loan company management.
  • Developed cloud applications for risk assessment, data management
  • Developed ecommerce systems trading many millions of dollars per annum including wwsouvenirsAnimal Health StoreOnline Horse SuppliesDog Supplies Online, and Naturapet.
  • Built over thirty websites with integrated CMS and small business applications and trained the site owners in their maintenance and ongoing development.
  • Designed and developed a complete pet resort management system for Samford Pet Resort including features such as reservation, booking, kennel placement and rearrangement, collar printing, staff daily task list generation...
  • Designed and developed a comprehensive business survey distribution and analysis system for Alito.

For more examples see my online portfolio.

May 02 - Dec 07 Senior Project Manager Auran Games Pty Ltd

Managed the development of Fury, a large client/server application capable of supporting 100,000+ concurrent users in the same virtual world. Fury was developed using C++, C, and MS SQL running on distributed servers. My biggest challenges were coordinating a large and varied team using different methodologies on different sub projects and maintaining team focus in the face of changing requirements and design.

Achievements include:
  • Managed day to day development, tracking and reporting
  • Established project management procedures for team of 70 people distributed across two international offices (Brisbane and Sweden)
  • Implemented integrated MS Project and Test Track solution for concurrent ongoing development and debugging on multiple project versions
  • Coordinated UML (Rational) methods for server-side development
  • Consolidated Waterfall methods for client-side development with Agile methods for game development
  • Implemented QA controls for regular builds
  • Implemented job control for effective communication across departments
  • Implemented ‘tick sheet’ practices for crucial deployment activities
  • Implemented daily reporting processes allowing accurate tracking of ongoing work
  • Implemented timesheets, overtime and bonus schemes as required by senior management
  • Growing team from 12 to 70 people over 3 years

Produced Fury, taking the original concept from the drawing board through the entire SDLC to successful implementation, deployment and maintenance.

Achievements include:
  • Presenting and successfully selling the concept to Korean investors.
  • Demonstrating and promoting Fury internationally

Developed and promoted a number of concepts while building a team with sufficient skills and capacity to develop a large distributed client/server application.

Achievements include:
  • Original concept and outline design for Fury
  • Successfully presenting and selling Bridge It to NVIDIA
  • Successfully selling outsource art development to US studios
  • Implementing task assignment and tracking processes
  • Introduced formal development methods
Mar 02 - May 02 Emigrating from UK to Australia  
Aug 98 - Mar 02 Senior Project Manager Virgin/Interplay

In addition to detailed project management and overseeing the activities of other project managers, I supplied financial reporting and tracking on a large portfolio of games. My Excel, Access and Powerpoint skills were put to intensive use and I spent a large amount of time visiting studios and assessing potential development opportunities or identifying and helping to remedy project slip. The biggest challenges I faced in this period were chronic slip and related cost overrun.

Achievements include:
  • Consolidated reporting on games in development
  • Implemented consultation and review process for scheduling
  • Shipped four major products that were rescued from cancellation (UFO, Art of Magic, Evolva, Original War)
Jul 95 - Aug 98 Planning Manager Virgin Games

Working with 7 project managers (producers) to improve scheduling and effectiveness. With the small team, I also took on the role of Project Manager with two games developments.

Achievements include:
  • On schedule completion of Magic & Mayhem (Strategy game of the year 1998)
  • On schedule completion of Circle of Blood
  • Broken Sword rescue and ship
  • Implementation of project planning and reporting practises
Dec 94 - May 95 Apartment Manager  

After a long and profitable period of running a small consultancy business, I handed the business over to friends and took a long break. For fun, I spent the time running a ski apartment in Bourg St Maurice.

Apr 94 - Dec 94 Software engineer - Sira Industrial SDC Ltd

Enhancements to Prospex. Added new scheduling capabilities and introduced new object kernel for enhanced maintainability and migration to other environments.

Achievements include:
  • Design and development of replacement object kernel
  • Addition of batch processing and junction box facilities
Jan 94 - Apr 94 Software engineer - Bell Northern Research SDC Ltd

Extension of LFNM to include new customer requirements. This work involved managing a small team making systemic changes to the system components and enhancing the database to improve performance.

Jul 93 - Dec 93 Software engineer - Sira Industrial SDC Ltd

Optimising and enhancing Prospex. The work included the optimisation of low level functions, reworking of scheduling algorithms and improvements to the MMI.

Achievements include:
  • Twenty seven times overall performance speed up in scheduling
  • Ten times speed up in windows tabular display times
Apr 90 - Jun 93 Software engineer - Nortel SDC Ltd

Providing design and development assistance with the MMI and model components of the LFNM.

Achievements include:
  • Development of Object Oriented navigation and control interface.
  • Successful combination of pessimistic and optimistic concurrency control of database.
  • Adherence to PROMPT development methodology.
  • Providing training courses for "C" programmers at Northern Telecom in Cymbran covering advanced programming, object oriented design and application development

Skills Summary




Australia: 07 3103 2894

International: +61 410 545 357


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