An advanced API

Liquid State

Liquid state required an advanced API to provide client access to their automated iOS and android publisher application. The API provides full access to the core data model, supplying http responses for interactive browser testing and json responses in normal use.

In addition I developed a proxy object interface that dramatically simplified use of this (or any) API making it very similar to directly working with Django's normal model access.

The API is supported with full authentication over SSL.

The API was built using the Django rest framework and operates on an Amazon EC2 server. It also interacts with Amazon's S3 service.

Liquid have changed their entire site to use the API via the proxy model in favour of direct access to Django's ORM in order to simplify their code and facilitate further scaling of their website and related services.

Blogging and Accounting

Paul Whipp Consulting

This site was ported from a Joomla 1.5 site to improve performance and presentation. It is build on Django using Mezzanine.

It features:

  • a responsive Bootstrap theme; allowing easy viewing on all devices,
  • back end client invoicing; managing billing and client communication,
  • customised blogging that tracks hits and presents articles in a variety of ways,
  • a testimonial application to record and present testimonials.

Wholesale ecommerce


I upgraded and enhanced wwsouvenirs so that it smoothly integrates with the client's existing product databases and order management processes. In addition to allowing clients to do their own ordering:

  • it lets sales representatives add and amend client orders
  • provides utilities that facilitate repeat orders and bulk purchasing that are not found in other systems
  • offers fast ordering and reordering with AJAX controlled state dependent buttons

Business to business computation


This Proof of Concept was developed as a fully functional MVP to allow the client to promote their business to its target market. In addition to allowing users to obtain loan quotations from arbitrary companies, it provides:

  • dynamic update data driven loan calculation models
  • full CMS support through Mezzanine allowing client maintenance and extension of the site pages
  • email tools and tracking tools

GIS Risk assessment


This system uses postGIS to assess millions of government assets for risks associated with flood, heatwave and climate change. It allows the users to propose material adaptations to the assets and presents the change in risk as a cost saving over time.

Customised ebook supply


This service is essentially an API that delivers customised ebooks that are encrypted to run on a single client device such that they can only be read a fixed number of times (typically once). It also includes integration with social media to allow users to pass the 'reads' onto other users.

High volume consumer ecommerce

Online Horse Supplies

This is a magento site which I created. It has many thousands of product lines and does many hundreds of transactions every day.

Small business CMS


This is a small client site, distinguished by its integrated CMS that allows the business owners to maintain and extend the site content to suit their changing needs over time.

Combined wholesale and retail ecommerce


This site utilises an existing Magento back end but offers wholesale customers distinct authentication, pricing and order quantities.

Combined retail ecommerce

Dog Supplies Online

This Magento site shares wharehousing with another Magento site but offers a distinct product catalog and supporting materials.

Real estate

Real Estate

This site supports multiple real estate agents and manages exclusive property listings.

Simple Brochure

Faster Pasture

This is a fixed site utilising pure html and css.

Although this site is very similar to many of the web creation kit sites on the Internet, we no longer recommend this type of site for any purpose. All websites need to keep abreast of changes and should therefore be easy to maintain by the relevant business staff.

More retail ecommerce

Animal Health Store

This Magento site shares wharehousing with another Magento site but offers a distinct product catalog and supporting materials.

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