The Solution To Global Warming

Today we see governments planning to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on schemes that might delay global warming by a scant few years at best. To put these schemes in perspective, look at the population increase which is a little over 200,000 people every day. That is a brand new good sized city every fortnight.

The only practical way to address the human factors involved in global warming is to reduce the human population on the planet.

Everyone can see that there are plenty of resources to support us and our descendants virtually forever. Just look up.

Every night the resources beckon. Since the late sixties, we have had the technology to climb the hundred mile high gravity well and reach into space.

artist'sconception of inside of space colony

We already know how to build space habitats large enough to house literally millions of people along with the plants and animals we need.

The lifestyle of people living in space will be the envy of many people on earth.

The problem is the cost of getting people up into Space.

Soon , this cost barrier will be eclipsed by the stagnation and polution that are the inevitable consequences of our living at the bottom of a well.

Our population increase is frightening and it is easy to dismiss Space Colonisation as an option. How could we possibly get more than 200,000 people a day voluntarily emigrating?

It becomes a lot less daunting if we look at today's air traffic. Just the top three airports between them fly 250,000 people a day right now!

Space colonisation is undoubtedly our best chance of dealing with global warming.


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