Take control of technology

Paul Whipp

Take control of technology

We all know that the internet is important to our businesses and that technology can help make us more efficient.

The trouble is, that there is so much 'helpful' technology out there these days that it can be very hard to decide what really will help.

All too often the technology ends up creating a big headache. Often, what looks like a quick cheap start to a website ends up being ineffective or worse, an ineffective money pit.

I take a different approach.

To build your website or application, I start by analyzing your needs and ensuring that you get what you need.

I'll speak your language (not geek!) and provide full training to help you develop the few basic skills you will need to maintain your own online content, whether its a brochure or information site, an ecommerce store, or a complex online application.

Working with you, I empower you to take control of the technology so that you can save time and money while growing your business.

Click here to contact me now or call me (07 3103 2894).


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