Is Forex trading astrology for geeks?

Forex derivatives are an exciting prospect for anyone interested in making money. That includes me.

In essence Forex is an incredibly liquid market where you can use your PC to buy or sell currency instantly. The costs are modest and the leverage is substantial so only a small movement in the currency is necessary for your trade to become profitable. There are plenty of details available elsewhere describing this so look here if you want more background.

Swing trading means trading purely off the fluctuations in price that are predicted using the price history or other immediately available historic data (such as trading volumes or prices of other currencies).

Swing trading is intuitively appealing - when we look at a fluctuating price we see trends and it seems natural to believe that we could profit by buying (or selling) at the start of these trends and then closing the trades for a profit when the trends end.

Reality is a little more tricky. When you are trading for real you can only trade at the extreme right hand edge of the graph - in other words you are guessing where the price will go next. Suddenly things seem a whole lot less predictable.

If the market was perfect then all of the supply and demand and all of the fundamental factors (interest rates, politics, commodoties demand etc.) will determine the price from moment to moment and it would not be possible to profit by swing trading other than through luck. But...

If enough people believe that the price is determined by its history and they buy and sell on that belief then the supply and demand that those people generate can indeed be predicted by using the same price history that they are using. If there are enough such people then perhaps enough of the variation in price can, at least sometimes, be determined purely using the price history. It is this tenuous possibility that keeps me looking at forex as a potential source of income. That, plus the fact that 3 trillion dollars a day changing hands makes it the largest virtual casino in history.

After over 4 months of research I am still unsure if I can make money swing trading forex. I am still researching. I have reached the position that if someone can accurately describe a strategy that is based upon available forex data, then I can code an automatic version of that strategy and run simulations using real back data to verify whether or not it will really make money. I'm still looking to find a strategy that can actually make a consistent profit - sadly I know of no way to prove that such a strategy really exists but it seems possible.

The moment such a strategy does indeed prove profitable, I can use the same code used to verify it to actually make trades. That would be very cool because it can make a percentile gain over time with no further action required on my part except for deciding how to spend the profits.

I recently attended one of Greg Secker's empowernet driven seminars proclaiming to reveal the "ultimate forex secrets". The three strategies he promised to reveal (after you pay him) are all swing trading tactics in sharp contrast to Greg Secker's blog which suggests a focus on trading fundamentals.

Greg tells me he is a real trader and shows me a video of him 'making money' and after two hours of pleasant anecdotes and some light background on forex he then asks for $12,500... no make that $8,000... ok specially for you if you sign up right now $4,000 for a 2 day seminar. Only then will he reveal the secrets I need. Well, if he had those secrets (indeed, if they even exist), he would be trading. Greg is a salesman and as he is selling himself in the seminar the only thing I could learn from him is how to sell - perhaps a good idea because people were queuing up at the seminar so he'll probably clear $40,000 or more for a couple of months work - hardly a traders fortune but quite a good living and obviously more lucrative than his own attempts at trading.

I've learned that it is scarily easy to create trading strategies that are provably fantastic so long as they are proven on the same information that they are developed on. I started using the notion of channel breakouts where I judged that if a price has been roughly constant for some time and then starts to change it is likely to change by enough to make a good trade. Optimising this showed that I could double my money in a month using a 50pt high 15 bar long channel with a tight stop loss and modest profit. Fantastic! I did the test on two months of data, the same two months I did the optimisation work on. Guess what happened when I tried the same strategy with the same optimisation on the following two months: It lost around 30%. Hmm... +100% to -30% in four months. The reason is actually quite simple. Almost any strategy can be optimised and if you test it on the same data it is optimised on then it will perform well. Remember this if you are tempted to buy into a "proven" strategy or plan. Now I always test against different periods to those that I optimise on. As a result I am still searching for a strategy that can really deliver.

Of course, when I do find a truly profitable strategy, you will be the last to know.


Mike R 10 years, 8 months ago

I went to his program in Sydney - was amazing, ive tried alot of other systems that tell people they work, but just didnt for me.

greg's system is the first system that has worked for me... maybe i just related it better? but im avging 500-800 PIP's a week - which is over $4k a week - Very happy, would recommend to anyone interested in learning & making money in FX.

P.s - the event i went too had 275 people attend - quick maths tells me that its about $1m+ - not bad if you can get it, but i dont care - it works for me and im playing more golf!



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Paul Whipp 10 years, 8 months ago

Thats great to hear Mike, if you continue that for a year and only withdraw $2k per month, your $80k account will stand at $500k after a year and in three years it will top $80 million dollars! I hope you make it.

Of course Greg would be long past the billion mark assuming he'd invested even a small portion of his course revenues when he started. I wonder what keeps a billionaire flitting from hotel to hotel drumming up candidates for his courses?

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saeed 10 years ago

very good
thank you , it is good .

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attilas 9 years, 11 months ago

Mike, Iam just writing to you, because after 3 hours of trying to find some logical comment on Secker's scam, yours was the first one. Everyone else seem either to not care, or care only to comment if his/her methods worked for a few days. I am a hedge fund trader - being here for 6 years - and I have a few Masters, CFAs, the whole lot needed to be successful in the empty world of finance - making the 7 digit figures - all of that, and in my free time I am trying to find ways to critisize the stupidity of people that believe there is a system, that trading can be taught. Trading is just luck - some people, as always, are luckier than others, hence can make money for a few years in a row - they are still part of the distribution; if they ever have a system that can consistently make them money (which by definition is what Secker says), then they will be very stupid to teach it - because if they do it to a lot of people (and that's what Secker wants to do) - the system stops working. So either Secker is a very stupid trader - or - as he says - he likes to give - in which case (and I take the example of one of his traders/teachers, a guy called Max Idzik, who claims can make 3% a day!!), why doesn't he take a grain of salt, and just trade it for 200 days with 3% a day, that will make him 100mln in 7 years - and then he can give all he likes. Thank you for saying the obvious and I hope more people will take notice, and spend their free time in more meaningful ways.

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Paul Whipp 9 years, 11 months ago

Thanks attilas
I think you mean me not mike from the content of your comment.

We live in a time when its easier to make money by inventing something that doesn't work and putting the real effort into marketing it (rather than making it work if that is even possible) so people pay.

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Paul Whipp 9 years, 9 months ago

Hi Max, we agree on the 95% losing money. However, the other 5% are certainly not using Greg's (or comparable trend analysis) methods.

You call me stupid and perhaps you are right but I did get First Class honours at Oxford University so at least a few people disagree with you. I believe its really simple statistics and common sense rather than stupidity.

9 years of forward testing would be fantastic. If successful, it would, of course, mean that Greg would be one of the richest men on the planet so its a bit strange that he is still spending his time presenting a very hard sell getting people to attend (and endorse) his expensive training courses.

Bottom line for anyone: ask yourself "Would you have a full time job hard selling expensive courses if you have made literally billions of dollars?".

Be smart not stupid. You might play his system and get a short run of winnings - with thousands of people paying him (and people like him) for the tips, some few dozens even hundreds will certainly win for a while - but even if you get lucky to begin with, you will lose in the long run.

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Rae Grieve 9 years, 9 months ago

trader in training
I am one of Greg's trading trainees and I do wonder why Greg battles the jetlag globetrotting giving seminars. I think he likes it. He also likes to think he is helping people to become a profitable trader. His system of providing coaching for traders over a long term (with Max and others) is the reason he succeeds I think - looking at trades and discussing how to improve trade selection, plus learning to use discretion as well - not just Greg's 3 trading strategies but building on these in a personal way. Success is nearly always a hard road but for those who keep steering towards it it does happen. May I suggest that many of the 95% who lose give up too easily. By the way Paul First Class Honours at Oxford doesn't give you an edge to be a better trader than the rest of us. Traders need to think outside the square - extremely outside the square. First Class Honours is certainly not a qualification that will make you money I suspect. Satisfaction maybe but not money. My degree never made me money for sure! If you believe everyone loses in the long run Paul you will indeed lose in the long run - or more likely the short run. Be smart not stupid.

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Man Li 9 years, 9 months ago

Be a good trader is a long journey. I was one of Max's trainees before, I won't say I'm a good trader, but at least I can see where I am in this journey.

I can tell you, only few days course cannot make you become a good trader, that's for sure. But can make you find and see the path of this journey, and you can walk on it easier. After getting the basic knowledge and have a fine trading system (no matter they're from Greg or any other books eachers\course), trading is mainly about psychology. Nobody can really change this part but yourself. At least you should get some trading psychology books, and you might find out what happened. No one but yourself, can make you become a good trader.

And, no university can make you a good trader.

AND, Good to see you again here, Max! It is such a surprise!

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Man Li 9 years, 9 months ago

why did the system eat my words...
(no matter they're from Greg or any other books eacherscourse),

any other books, teachers, courses

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Paul Whipp 9 years, 9 months ago

Not everybody loses money trading Forex in the long term. The small percentage that consistently make money do not use systems like Greg's. That is his way of making money out of people wanting to make money on Forex.
Professional traders make money either by using fundamental analysis or by using computers and facilities to gain a small speed advantage in trading trends.
People following systems like Greg's will sometimes make money, particularly when the market is trending for a long period (as in the past few months with AUD/USD) but they are really just 'getting lucky'.
If you have any system that uses technical analysis you can test it thoroughly on a trading platform (I use Go Trader MT4) with historic data. If doing this manually it is absolutely essential that you do not view any of the forward data while making your decisions for obvious reasons. Try this before you invest real money - don't fall for the 'having to use real money' line.

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Paul Whipp 9 years, 8 months ago

Wow Max,

Sorry you had such a bad experience with your education. I'm not sure where the 7/10 number comes from but I do agree that there are certainly plenty of ways people can make money without formal education.

I am sorry I confused you too. The people who make money on Forex do so with fundamental analysis and with advanced statistical techniques and very fast computers (and network access). I am afraid these things require more and different education to that which you have received from Greg. I believe traders using his techniques will lose money in the long run.

You will never join the traders you cite by following Greg's training which is a simple form of trend analysis. The lack of emotion he pushes is a good thing though and it reduces your average losses to the ongoing cost of trading (the spread).

Perhaps you find yourself thanking Greg for your wins and blaming yourself for your losses.

I suggest that you begin your road to recovery by breaking just one of his rules. Use a demo account. If you find a system that works there then you can apply it to real money trading after you've proved it without using real money. If you succeed in trading without emotion then a demo account is exactly the same as a real money account except for the very convenient fact that it does not cost you any real money.

In the long term you will find that trend analysis does not work. If you study the market in terms of fundamentals (the financial news, reports, announcements etc.) and make your trades on the bases of you interpretation these factors, you can join the successful traders but you will have to discard what I believe is Greg's misdirection to get there.

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Kev Richardson 9 years, 7 months ago

Max Attack
Blimey Paul, I think you may have woken Max up there.

What Max has not mentioned to you while he is ranting on is that he actually works for Greg Secker and Knowledge to Action. I recently attended one of their free seminars and a lot of the literature talks about the 'Max Factor'. Max is apparently one of their trainers and a success story. So successful that he has time to teach. Having now read what Max has to say I must admit I am more than put off from spending any of my training budget with them. I dont think I would want to risk disagreeing with!!!

I am sure Mr Secker is more than capable of trading and I am sure he has made a lot of money from it to date and will continue to do so in to the future. I think what he has set up looks ok for those of us new to Forex and wanting a taste for it. Its a journey and if nothing else it puts you on it....albiet at first class prices.

I wish Mr Idzik could be given the chance to share another '12 minutes' of his valuable time with the students who are currently rioting in London. He seems to have the view that University and College are a waste of time. It was fun to see that the sentence he told us that was full of spelling mistakes..'HE IS REALLY QUALIFIED TO DO IT, AND QUALIFIED WITH PRACTICE, NOT THEORY RUBBISH TOUGHT BY BUFOONS AT OXFORD OR OTHER VENUES LIKE THAT (I have been thought by many of them).' Max, you may want to go back and listen this time.

Dont not consider this Company for your trading. I am sure there are many people out there that will share a success story. Just pray you are not trained by Max. He is cross and not a good advert for what I am sure is an ok training package.

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Paul Whipp 9 years, 7 months ago

Passion and faith
Thanks for the information Kev, it clarifies things.

When anyone takes a position based on faith, their position can only be supported emotionally rather than scientifically. This truism explains the extreme emotion we see in people following unfounded belief systems.

It probably also explains the missionary zeal that often arises in proponents of such systems. A zeal that is sadly, but understandably, largely absent in proponents of grounded belief systems... there are no 'physics teachers' preaching to uncivilised tribes or 'Fundamental analysts' running shows like Greg's... Perhaps thats a topic for some research and another article :)

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travis hammond 8 years, 9 months ago

Max Idzik ate my money
I did a course with Max. I soon realised I was wasting my money - He is nothing more than an enormous bellied, uneducated, dodgey Pole who resembles an evil teletubby. I was told to think about being rich when i went to bed and soon the cosmic universe who 'make my wish come true' - He's a thing Maxitubby - I already was thinking about being damn rich before your nonscence course (thats why I damned well paid you to make me rich - doh! After which I received not a shred of support - phonecalls ignored, messages ignored until this lunatic lost his temper with me and threatened my family. - Do not have anything to do with his conman

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Max Idzik 8 years, 4 months ago

do you even exist?
First of all I have never met, taught or had anything to do with a person that calls themselves 'Travis Hammond'. I doubt this person even exists, and such low personal attack, is very surprising, but probably coming from teaching industry companies threatened by my recent campaign to reveal its inner workings.

I have, through Knowledge To Action trained probably in excess of 2000 students. Having been limited to what I can teach, I think making several of them profitable is a success.

There is a lot of marketing out there, and some facts. It is very important to understan which is which.

I think after so much criticism, I have an obligation to put things straight:
1.After more than 4 years of trading on my own, and being mentored by some of (real) Londn City Traders, I did a one year presenting for Knowledge To Action, and it was a great experience to be able to pass some of my experience in the markets to wannabe traders. To a limited degree I was able to teach my own methods. I have few students from that time who are making money. Not from particular strategies I had to teach, but through learning there with me how to understand the markets.
2.I myself started trading Shares in 2000, and went o to trade Indecies and FX from about 2005/2006. Since 2009 I have been running a proprietary trading Fund under managed accounts' structure in London. Results have been very positive and stable returns attracted capital in excess of $13,5m
3.I only once run a small mentoring group to fullfill the needs of my fund for traders. Two of the 10 members I have been training in my fund, have been chosen to trade permanently with me, and that is where they work now.
4.I am RG146 certified, with a diploma of Financial Services Foreign Exchange - Australia.
I am FSA (Financial Services Authority) registered Asset Manager in the UK.
We, as an organisation are currently in a process of setting up a second trading floor in Australia - purely for the purpose of trading my Fx Fund. We are in a process of gathering required documentation to apply for a full Hedeg Fund license with ASIC. We are planning to operate out of London and Sydney to cover 24/6 continuous operation.

All the deliberations about different TRAINING providers have a little meaning. The truth is, they are in business of traiNing, and that is what they do. To achieve real results in traDing you have to find a mentor, currently involved in the markets, ideally running a fund, and then immerse yourself and get it done. That mentor's group has to be limited in size so that strategies taught do not lose their edge.

THE MARKET EDGE - is the key to distinguish between legitimate education, and mass market training services, not much better than reading a book. The Edge is ultimately what makes money in the markets.
'...Edge in the market is an information or a system known to a VERY LIMITED group of market participants, allowing them to extract profits unavailable to others...'


As one of the entries on this blog states - Becoming Proficient in Trading is a journey, and takes time and dedication, and right mentoring, and right systems.

Not without a reason most successful funds and traders in the World have always been very secretive about what they do. Strategy that makes money, only does that until it is released out in the open. This is why my traders have to sign minimum 5 yr non disclosure agreements to receive any information. That is simply because my systems work, and this is how I make my money - TRADING (with the 'D')

If you have any questions or need a second opinion on trading, please send me an email on I won't be selling you anything or even sending you spam emails. Genuine questions or concerns will be answered. I do not recruit more people for my operations, as I have my traders both in the UK and now in Australia.

I guess there is a bit of truth i Paul's question. Trading is a bit like alchemy, but as wee see from many examples, it can be a very Profitable too.

All the best in trading. Max

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Unknown 8 years, 2 months ago

So many lies Max
Ok well before I get into too much details about Max's trading and training I will say this about Max. He is very good communicator.

However saying that he says all the right things (well the things you want to hear) but fails in everything after that. Yes Max has started a trading team but the question someone needs to ask Max is if you started with 10 traders how come you only have 2 left? answer this question honestly Max because I am one of those 10! Along with this why dont you give me the first name of the 2 traders still with you, because I can certainly check this story unless this is a lie and you feel embarrassed to share this information. You can say your hiding their identity for what ever reason but a failure to do this just pokes holes in this "story". You do i can confirm this with this tread. so this should be a win win for you, unless....

We can also talk about your personal results if you like with funds you where to use to make profit and how little you returned in compression to expected and promised. do you want to share this or will i post them?

With regards to your hedge fund not only do you carry on about this again (what is this the 3rd year of talk now now) you still are either incapable of doing this or potential investors investigating you see that "max" stand for a maximum risk with low to no returns. the only funds you have made is that stolen from the 10 traders.

Max you mention "you methods". you have none. You steal, poach and rehash freebies you find thorough your time with K2A staff, clients of K2A that you meet or freebies on the internet.

To this end I send a warning. stay away from Max, and Max a challenge prove me wrong. Post this information and I will post mine :)

I haven't put my name on this one just to see your reaction. will you come out fighting like a child having a tantrum (which I have seen many times before), or will you hide under your rock again?

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Max Idzik 8 years ago

A sad story
Dear Unknown (very brave :)),

It is with sadness that I am reading this message. I gather that you, as many others in this market you, are writing here about your personal underachievement. Of course it is natural to blame someone else, as we humans have a strong tendency to do. Many Trading schools teach many methods, and in most cases unsuccessful students blame their situation on the school rather than on the main factor in their failure - themselves.

LETS TALK FACTS (rather than your tantrums, you BRAVE 'Unknown'):

Out of first group of 12 not 10 people I mentored, two are working with me today in the fund today, and are running $13.5m account in an Institutional Environment. Only these two had guts, and personal resolve to persevere and achieve success under my guidance. They are using the same systems taught to the whole group, and one new system we have developed in the fund. 2 out of 12 successful students still beat market statistics as it gives me 16% success rate in teaching. Majority of schools treat achieving 3% or 5% of successful candidates as GREAT success. And such low rates are only due to human nature rather than systems, etc. I can teach anyone to trade financial markets, but they have to follow what I say to the dot, and persevere.

I have already proven you wrong, by achieving 68% return last year (2011), 32% already this year (2012). On our level on AUM, this is considered a very good result in City terms :)
Institutional Investors love our trading methods of high R (up to 65) and Sharpe Ration above 2 (2.02 to 2.21) and average volatility at 6% and nice and steady account growth.
All of these results have [u]been certified by Price Waterhouse Coopers[/u], and included in presentations for investors taking place in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney and Singapore :)

I wish you more resolve and perseverance in your life journey, without which you won't achieve much in any field.

I would also like to wish you all the best in everything you do in life!

Max - always ready for anything :)

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Sure Fire 5 years, 11 months ago

Turtles program is a sham! It's a scam. I am a "TURTLE": but everything that is promised is not provided. Max is a wanna be living on everyone's tuition money. He made false promises to everyone.


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Andy Preece 8 years ago

Max ripped me off as well, he charged me £2500 for a 2 day training session. He just read from a book and talked sh*t. Don't think he knows anything about trading.

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Paul Belcher 7 years, 12 months ago

Completely Different Experience
I must admit, I am reading this blog very surprised. My experience of personal mentoring with Max Idzik is very positive and already yielding positive returns in my trading account.
He is not cheap, but I guess a real fund manager can charge more than a school teacher. Overall I have found the knowledge and strategies very valuable. My account is up by 54% after 5 months of trading Max's system.
I will strongly recommend Max's services to anyone serious about trading. He is a very professional Mentor and Trader. By the way, I had meetings with him in Cannon Street (his fund trading floor), where he was trading live his fund account in front of me ... I tell you a completely different World trading such large account directly with banks. He made over $300,000 in space of three days...
All the best,
If you are interested have a look at his websites: and

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Alice Colley 7 years, 11 months ago

Great Material, Great Mentor
I have to join Paul in his comments.
I have only just completed 12 month program called ALUMNI, and I am very happy with the outcome.
Not only is Max a very professional teacher, but above all his strategies WORK!!! That is new, after many of my earlier experiences :)

I have excelled in my trading ability. I am at the point where trading is making up nearly 40% of my monthly income. It's been like that for the last three months. At last I feel like I know what I am doing, and future looks bright!

Overall I am very happy with Max. As a matter of fact I have convinced my brother in law to join Max's group.
Just like Paul here, I strongly recommend Max's mentoring.


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Steve Garside 7 years, 11 months ago

Max Idzik - the best coach I have met
My story is simple. I have enrolled into many trading courses with main teaching companies from London. After paying huge tuition to one of them for their flagship 1 year programme, my trading account was down about 30%.
Then I have met Max, through one of his financial blogs ( Soon after I decided to join his mentoring group I relised this experience was going to be completely different.
Max gave me two main strategies he is trading on his FX Fund (impressive size of the account and results - I have seen Max's Live one). On top of that he was able to guide and support me through drawdowns, and handle the large winners his strategies produce.
Moreover, he creates one bespoke strategy with each person separately so that they have a real edge in the market.
He even taught me basic programming in MQL so that I can amend the algorithms and backtest my ideas automatically over long periods of time.

There is something to say about the title of this blog, as all strategies that Max Idzik uses are tested using very sophisticated software. An IT geek comes in handy.

In sum Max is a great mentor and delivers way more than the original promise. I do not have to mention that I am profitable already, and with risk around 0.25% per trade, my 7% average for last few months is a great result. I am planning to increase risk and that should be reflected in increased returns.

I would also recommend Max Idzik as a trader mentor/coach. I have no doubt, if you are willing to listen and follow, then you will make money on his strategies.


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mug 7 years, 10 months ago

Gregs promise
I would like to add my little comment. I went to gregs seminar given by a guy who is one of his success stories. Helped pay of his mum and dads mortgage and bought a flashy sports car. I stupidly figured I would save a few grand on the cost of the course and then learn as much as I could from utube on different strategies and websites as through research I realised that the techniques being shown could be picked up anywhere. I also watched real classes and they seemed inconsistant on teaching strategys and advice which further more fuelled my decision. Well in my first day trading I made 240 pips as a lucky twenty pip long turned into a massive 120 pips rise. I made over a grand using a few hundred quid. I figured I was already rich. Alas as they say greed and hunger got the better of me. I lost so increased my pip size even more and lost again. To balance the loss I made more trades increasing the pip sizes. In a few days I had succesfully wiped my account with under 40 pips of badly placed trades. Which were further aggravated by phone calls from forex web site companies which wanted my money.

You would think this would have put me off but no.. I went back for more.. Using another two grand of savings. I tried more advanced tactics as shown on other web sites. Again I did well at the begining but greed and shear bordem took over. I increased the pip size and took a bad long position on Crude. Rather than bail I kept on hoping it would go short. It did but I stupidly didn't bail as I was losing a couple of hundred quid. All the indicators seemed to say it would go short. In a couple of hours I blew two grand. What an idiot.

However this is addictive.. Its like a drug.. Its worse than betting as there are reasonable defined patterns of probability which you can see as my succesfull trades proved. As far as I'm concerned this should be banned as its a complete disaster waiting to happen for the average desperate individual with a few thousand. Am I glad I didn't pay a few thousand more to be taught what I learnt online... Yes as it would have done nothing to prevent the temptation to risk more. If I followed the one percent rule I would spend a year in front of a screen and probably lose everything anyway whilst slowly rotting inside from my dull existence. A more attractive position would be to be a salesperson but then that requires too much dishonesty and a acceptance that many of the people you are energising are being sent to the slaughter house of desperation... BE WARNED THIS STUFF IS LIKE COCAINE WITH AN ADRENALINE INJECTION


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mug 7 years, 10 months ago

and another thing...
I'd like to add that against the advice and research by this author on this web site you can actually visibly see the patterns in the candle spreads over time on some of the forex pairs. Its not just about numbers and mathematical guides it is also visual pattern recognition that is also a key. If you want real training you can now do a course for seven grand and its three months intensive training. Real training. Two days no way. It takes more time to truly absorb all the differentials in trading. GET REAL

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P. Bullock 7 years, 10 months ago

Max provides a great introduction into the world of forex trading. In an industry where guidance and mentoring are essential components to your development, Max provides the necesaary education to set you on the right path. His mentoring provided me with a sound and disciplined base foundation to begin forex trading.

His knowledge and understanding of fiscal ecomomics, the currency and commodity markets are second to none.

If you are either looking to start out in this market or just want to develop and expand your trading skills, Max certainly can accomodate. :)

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L Green 7 years, 10 months ago

I have to agree with the previous person's comments:)

My experiences with Max have been positive. Educating me in the importance of discipline and patience in trading forex.

So much so that over a year I managed to achieve a 26% gain on my account.:)

Thanks to Max i was lucky enough to gain expert guidance early on in my trading career. Something that has proved invaluable.:)

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Max Idzik 7 years, 6 months ago

Max's Students' Results Speak for themselves
Please have a look at my students' results:

Paste the link into your browser to see Account Statements of my Students:

Right Mentoring Programme like my 'TURTLES Programme' with a result Guarantee, will make people successful in Markets' Trading

All the best from Max Idzik here at Canary Wharf in London

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b'Sure Fire' 5 years, 11 months ago

Results are false. They are not real accounts. They are from demo accounts. The people in his testimonials did not may any money trading any live accounts. Some have NEVER traded with real money!

His strategies don't work. One strategy came freely from the net. The other did not work at all. He knew it did not work and he gave it to the Turtles to trade it.

All of Max's websites are built on false information. He used pics from the same session and showed it as 2 different sessions over 2 different years.

Max is BANNED from Australia and listed in Australia as a scammer. Refer to:

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Reezzz 7 years, 6 months ago

I watched a video by Greg Secker on youtube called "euro bear" which is a strategy he claims made him most of his money. He then says he will show us how to do it at the seminars. I tested it out and it is complete bs I'm sorry to say.

However that isn't the point, the point is in the video he says his account grew from 75k to 129k in 7 weeks or something like that, he shows the camera his computer screen where is account transaction section is. Call me what you like but I wanted clarity so I took screen shots of the clip where he shows his account statement and all his transactions, I then looked at the trades he placed - the currency pair he traded, the time, the price and the size. I basically back engineered the trade to see his entry and exit and low and behold not one of the trades I checked were done using the strategy! Yet he explicitly states a number of times that is it the "euro bear strategy" that made this account grow so well. This is not misleading it is flat out lying.

You can got a watch the video on youtube type "euro bear strategy"

Another thing is the guy that took my seminar made it clear it was his first time taking a seminar and speaking in public and that he was nervous and hadn't done it before. I then read a newspaper article dated 6 months prior where a reporter explained the knowledge to action seminars and named the guy who took their seminar and yes it was the same guy that "hadn't even done one of these before" "this is my first time taking a seminar"

What a bunch of jokers really!

Soz for the long post!

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Unknown 7 years, 2 months ago

Alot of nice things to say about Max...
Its great to see people have had a great experience with Max. My only advice would be to get out while you still can.

Either that or don't get involved in the first place; just came across this information.

He is officially dubbed a scammer by the Australian government. Now sure someone may say that that's just in Australia and its all good in UK but what business CEO in their right mind would risk everything in on country to break illegally into another? Even if he is not running a scam and it is all above board its a huge business risk to pull; and if that is how he acts with his own business what would he be willing to do to his traders/clients money must be beyond measure...

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Max 7 years, 2 months ago

The above information is a mistake. ASIC tried to contact me (sent a paper mail to my office in England) and confirm my operations in Australia. The mail did not reach us, and ASIC did not bother to call and allow me to provide my RG146 Licence, which I hold since 2010. Lack of reply was the only reason I was listed on moneysmart.

However, I met with ASIC in February, and provided all the required documents. ASIC is 'considering their position' - official statement, as I have legally required qualifications to teach in Australia. ASIC would like to see my business fully registered as a MONEY FUND, which we are not willing to do, as we do not advertise financial services apart from General Advice (teaching to trade).

So the whole matter is caused by ASIC not picking up the phone, and calling us, but relying on postal services delivering one envelope to the other side of the World.

My solicitors in Sydney, are in communication with ASIC, and if necessary they are going to press charges against it for damaging my reputation.

It is much better to listen to what real people have to say about me and my business.


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b"b'Sure Fire'" 5 years, 11 months ago

ALL LIES! He is not going back to Australia because he is not licensed to do so and what he is did could land him in Australian jail.

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Unknown 7 years, 2 months ago

Sounds all well and good
But until cleared by ASIC I would still recommend that people steer clear until the business and business activities are deemed ligament. No offense Max but from a practical stand point we can only compare your word to government reports and I'm more inclined to trust this until they pull this information off as incorrect.

Nothing personal just sensible

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Nathan 7 years, 2 months ago

That does make sense

I would have to agree with the above comment. Max for all we know these "real people" could be part of an elaborate plan to releave hard working Australians of their money.

Max if I where in your shoes I would get on to this quickly and have ASIC release a notice of intent to redeem this.

I may shoot an email over to them and find out there point on the matter as I see you have a conference coming up soon (details on website). I'll see what comes back and post it up here for all

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Nathan 7 years, 1 month ago

Just received this response back...
As promised I have received this response back

Thank you for your correspondence.

As you are aware, MI Financial Trading Limited has been added to the online list of entities not licensed by ASIC. This list is maintained on ASIC's consumer website, MoneySmart, to warn the public NOT to deal with these entities.

ASIC encourages consumers wishing to invest, to deal with licensed brokers and financial advisers that hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) so that they have protection under Australian law including access to a free and impartial dispute resolution system if a problem arises. In this instance, you may wish to seek independent professional and/or legal advice.

Should you wish to raise any concerns with ASIC in the future we would be pleased to receive that information together with any supporting material via our website at


Well boys and girls I don't see how it can be any clearer than that...

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Max Idzik 7 years, 1 month ago

Last Post
It is very clear thank you. It states that my company is not licensed, as it never pretended to be. But I AM LICENSED to give personal advice in FX in Australia (diploma in my hand), and by recruiting to work for my UK based company, I am in no breach of any law. And as said many times before, the most important thing is that I do DELIVER what I promise, and the rest is only noise, and maybe some jealousy or competition afraid of my success.

Watch this video and forget the BS above.

Well, what else to say...

All the best to all that prefer to be negative, than to take chance in life and succeed.


This is it.

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Unknown 5 years, 11 months ago

You scammed people for your "SUCCESS". You cannot trade so you scam people for money to live on other's hard earned money.

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Nathan 7 years ago

Please clarify
Thanks Max for clarifying, what is your AFSL number? Just did a search for you on the ASIC license check and you didn't appear as a current holder.

Please advise your licensed as an individual so I can check it out.

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Nathan 7 years ago

by the way
PS. Due diligence/risk management is not the same as negative.;D

after all Max I'm sure you practice a risk management strategy with trading and you wouldn't see that as being negative...

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Hamid 7 years ago

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Australian Forex brokers 7 years ago

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Nathan 7 years ago

No Offence Hamid
But your website is doing more damage than good for your business (Google e,ail account isn't a good tipping point either). May I recommend that you do a spell/grammar check.

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Nathan 7 years ago

In follow up on my last most
Your say you live in Australia when in fact you don't (your spelling, grammar and information on your website proves otherwise). By putting out lies like this your reputation is reduced to nothing.

Forget about trying to educate other on Forex until you can educate your self honesty and integrity.

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Sarah 6 years, 11 months ago

Great post you got there and you have valid points.
Forex trading has never been easy :D
But thanks again for this post.
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Haroun Kola 6 years, 9 months ago

Just attended a free seminar in Johannesburg
Greg paid us a visit here in Johannesburg South Africa and I too did learn lots about sales from him...

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Minnie Mouse 6 years, 8 months ago

Max is inactive on the UK's FCA register and is inactive on ASIC so I wonder how he can be a Fund Manager in the UK & trade client money and yet not require authorisation? Never, ever let an unauthorised individual or firm anywhere near your money.

Max is also plagiarising the Turtles concept popularised by Messers Dennis & Eckhardt ( Clearly he lacks imagination.

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Turtle 5 years, 11 months ago

Max is a scammer. He doesn't have ANY hedge fund. Who in their right mind give him money to trade when he can't even show his results? He conned us to believing him.

He told us he would teach us to be professional traders. We are were naive and believed him. He said he was a successful trader. But he has nothing to prove that.

The statements on his site are from demo accounts by his Turtles students. Where are his REAL results????

The testimonials are also false. None of them are trading anything. Some have never traded a real live account with real money.

His team shown on his websites are also fake. They are his Turtle students gullible enough to let him use their pictures. All hoping that Max will come good on his false promise of making them professional traders and give them some of his hedge fund money to trade with. He promised a $1,000,000 (1 Million dollar) account to his Turtles. WE ALL HAVE BEEN SCAMMED.

His coaching/mentoring was PATHETIC and belittled everyone.


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Leo 6 years, 6 months ago

Minie Mouse

maybe it will be better if you use your own name to make a comment.

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aline 6 years, 5 months ago


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