Get started with GitHub for business

With GitHub, you can see all of the issues relating to your project at a glance. You can review an issue and drill down as deep as you wish, right to who added and changed what lines of code and when they did it to fix the issue. What is more, this incredible management power comes with features that save your developers time and effort rather than forcing them to 'waste' time preparing reports or updating you.

GitHub is a fantastic utility for developers but it is even more important for project managers.

GitHub (or a service very like it) is crucial for any business that needs custom software applications (and that includes websites).

Github provides:

  • secure controlled access to the code
  • safe storage of code
  • convenient issue tracking
  • a record of all changes to the code
  • the ability to drill down to see who changed what when:
    • verify timesheets with real data
    • analyse fixes and comment or review them alongside the code
  • the ability to experiment and produce different versions of the code
  • a clear 'point of truth' for code deployment to the live, staging and test sites.

The first three of these are particularly important to any business that is planning on having software produced for it.

So, If you are going to have some software written or developed for you. Start out by creating an empty Github repository. You can easily add your developers as contributors to the repository while they are working for you and you can use the robust issue mechanism as a convenient way to document your requirements, bugs, feature requests etc. Possibly before you've even hired your first developer.

Creating a github account and creating a repository takes just a few minutes. You don't need to worry about actually using or setting up git yourself unless you want to work on the code.

If you need to keep your code confidential, you will need to pay a modest monthly subscription.

If you are non-technical and need help with setting up a software project, don't hesitate to contact us for help.


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