Faster SSH access

SSH is wonderful for easy login and communication between machines. It underpins the excellent rsync for quick file synchronisation and a number of other very useful tools including all manner of remote administration utilities.

I only ever use key based SSH for security and the key checking and handshaking can sometimes take as much as twenty seconds which can be very frustrating.

To speed things up (only do this after you have public key authentication working lest you risk losing all access to the server):

In /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server change or add the following settings (making sure you read and understand the implications in each comment):

# Disable password authentication completely
PasswordAuthentication no

# Disable ipV6 if you are not set up for it
AddressFamily inet

# Disable DNS lookup (this is only used to create warnings in the log about suspect sites)
UseDNS no

Only apply these settings if you understand their implications but if you do and they work, you should see much faster SSH access times.

Then on your client machine, in /etd/ssh/ssh_config change the settings there too (except for UseDNS which is not applicable to the client).


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