Fancy signatures and formatting in gmail

gmail is an excellent mail client allowing online/offline access to up to five of your email accounts from any machine.

One recurring pain with it is the fact that its hard to format your signature or email effectively.

Luckily there is a labs feature called "Canned responses" that you can use to make this very easy.

Go to the Labs button, enable the "Canned Responses" feature and save the changes.

Disable your usual signature in Settings.

Compose an email. Include your signature the way you want it and any default text formatting etc.

Under the new "Canned responses" button - select new and give it a meaningful name ("default" or "formal" or some such)

Now whenever you reply you can have all the formatting you want just by picking the appropriate canned response. It does involve one more click than your old signature but it lets you have business/formal/signatures for other email accounts etc. so I think its worth the effort.


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