Dealing with comment spam

My site has suffered from comment spam with over 2,500 comments coming in from bots or low paid workers adding links and random garbage since I last looked.

I quickly cleared it with Django's elegant ORM:

In [1]: from mezzanine.generic.models import ThreadedComment
In [2]: import datetime   
In [3]: cutoff = - datetime.timedelta(weeks=8)
In [6]: ThreadedComment.objects.filter(submit_date__gt=cutoff).delete()

Apologies to the few genuine comments I've lost but filtering 2.5k by hand would have taken more coding or effort than I have time for right now.

I've set my comments to require a login which should deal with the problem in the short term and I'll update this post with akismet integration or perhaps disqus integration when I next get some time to work on my own site. They both look interesting.

My apologies for the inconvenience of having to sign up/login to comment but checkout my privacy policy if you have any concerns about signing in (and I will add oauth2 facebook, google sign in etc. too when I get that mythical round tuit I keep promising myself).


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