Changing the overall colour on a Joomla 1.5 template with photoshop

When you use a commercial or free Joomla template, there is usually an option to change the template colour. This generally will not have changed all the colour hues and often leaves something to be desired.

There is a simple technique in photoshop that you can use to change the colour of the image files without compromising their shadows, gradients etc. Essentially you can change:

original menu cap into in just a few quick steps:

Once you do this in your template you'll have a perfectly tuned colour scheme.

If you are lucky, you'll have the original large image and the cut up details to hand but you are more likely to have the little pieces already cut up in the template/images folder. Either way, the process is identical -
  1. Open photoshop and open the image you need to change.
  2. Create a new fill layer - solid color - from the layer menu and select the mode 'soft light' (if you can't create a layer, change the image mode to RGB and this will enable layers). Remember the color settings and use the same ones for every image or things are likely to look 'tacky'.
  3. Choose the colour you want (its best to check 'only web colors' for efficiency).
  4. Choose file 'save for web' and save the image out as the same type as the original file.
If the image uses transparency, things get a little more complicated because you need to prevent the 'soft light' from falling on the transparent areas. When there is transparency, select it using the magic wand with 0 tolerance and invert the selection. Then create your fill layer as above and all should be well.
All done.


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