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Is Forex trading astrology for geeks?

Forex derivatives are an exciting prospect for anyone interested in making money. That includes me.

Space really is the final frontier

I love nature and I love the environment. I've dragged my family to a beautiful corner of the world here in South East Queensland where we can walk from our door into rainforest (complete with a great variety of snakes and wildlife), gum forest (complete with koalas) and even the beautiful and contradictory 'dry rainforest' that adorns the higher parts of the local mountains.

Electric motocross paves the way for public adoption of electric vehicles

Electric motocross will be the first large scale public adoption of electric powered vehicles...

There has been a lot of fuss about the electric hybrid cars lately and a little fuss about electric motorcycles. With rising fuel prices, electric transport is starting to look more appealing but I think its in the leisure industry we'll see it hit first.

Mass extinctions and global recession - the triviality of catastrophe

While spending today chopping out well over a hundred devils fig trees from our gully and land I came up with an idea. It is that:
The mass extinctions that punctuate life on earth where periodically more than 50% of all species disappear within a short interval are not so much a consequence of the catastrophes that precipitate the extinctions so much as they are a result of the increasingly complex ecosystem's inability to adapt to the catastrophes without the dramatic species loss.
Life is complicated. From starting with a single cell, a complete incredibly complicated animal gets built just by feeding it the right raw materials.

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