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FizzBuzz done right as a programming problem

FizzBuzz is a classic programming question often given at interview. The question goes like this:

Statistics and lies

92% of statistics are wrong... if you believe them at face value. Its bad enough that people love quoting statistics with no justification (there is none for the 92% - I made it up) but it really bugs me when the statistics state the obvious but mislead.

ICANN's Top-Level Domain Plan is a Fool's Gold Rush

The deregulation of top level domain (TLD) names is certainly creating a 'landgrab' BUT...

Is Home Solar Worthwhile?

Should you invest in a solar power system and, if so, how big a system should you get?

The answer depends upon your circumstances but I provide a free workbook below to make it easy for you to work out.

The Solution To Global Warming

Today we see governments planning to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on schemes that might delay global warming by a scant few years at best. To put these schemes in perspective, look at the population increase which is a little over 200,000 people every day. That is a brand new good sized city every fortnight.

The only practical way to address the human factors involved in global warming is to reduce the human population on the planet.

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