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Changing Joomla 1.5 CSS presentation by menu item

Its a common request, particularly for the 'brochure' or relatively static pages of a website...

Open Source in 2010

"Free and Open Source Software" (FOSS) is behind the Internet revolution. Without FOSS, if it existed at all, the Internet would be very different and much smaller. It started with the protocols and basic applications but FOSS is no longer niche or the domain of geeks. Apache serves up most of the worlds web sites. MySQL provides the database to power many of the worlds websites and increasingly Firefox is being used by everyone to browse web sites.

Simple reminders using a bash script

I often get engrossed in work and forget things like picking the kids up from the bus stop. There are loads of utilitiesthat provide reminders but they all involve opening an application or editing a file. By the time I've made time to do that I've often forgotten what I'm supposed to be reminding myself about.

Renumbering an "ordering" field in mysql

Sometimes you have a field used to order the presentation of rows to users. This might be to sequence tasks or (as used in Joomla) to decide the presentation order of articles.

Saying goodbye to Microsoft Windows ...and hello to Linux with ubuntu

I've been programming and working with computers professionally since 1983. Ever since the dawn of Microsoft with their buying up of QDOS and the subsequent appearance of Windows, I've admired their ability to market and promote software. When they bought QDOS it was an acronym for 'Quick and Dirty Operating System' which was immediately changed by Microsoft to 'Quick Disk Operating System' and thence to 'MS-DOS' and promoted aggressively to OEMs (more or less creating the term in the process if I recall correctly).

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