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Merge Joomla sites

Merging two joomla sites into one

This comes up as a job every now and again and its a bit nerve wracking so here's my quick hackers guide to doing it. Don't expect to follow this verbatim but it should help you get the job done. You will need to be working at the linux command line and familiar with mysql client. Let me know if there is anything that needs clarifying or explaining further.

Adding the comment facility to Joomla articles - mxComment

Its good to allow users to add comments and to rate the articles on a website. The mxComment utility provides effective ratings and commenting.

Sorting Magento Categories Alphabetically with MySQL

Magento (1.4.01) uses an EAV model which makes its database potentially confusing. EAV is very efficient for sparse matrix applications but is probably a case of the Magento developers being too smart for their own good when it comes to an ecommerce solution. Magento's EAV solution is also somewhat of a half way house, probably because not all of their developers saw things the same way. This can make things doubly confusing.

Securing passwords

I have around 100 passwords for various websites and the like. Keeping track of them used to be a pain but it is now quick and convenient. I'm going to describe how I solved this problem with a simple secure solution you can implement for yourself with a 28 line bash script.

Using copies of Joomla sites to safely make and test content changes

When we need to make significant interdependent changes to content on a live Joomla site, working on a copy is the only safe option. If you do not use a copy then the work in progress or any mistakes could break the live site.

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