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Merging git conflicts

Git merging confused me a lot when I first encountered it so here is my quick guide to merging. Do 'git pull origin master' often to minimise merging problems.

Useful php at the command line

The ubuntu command line php uses a special cli build of php by default which is a pain if you want to use it to test or play with php scripts that would normally work on your apache webserver.

Adding Image rotator PHP code to Magento

If you want to display something relating to products or files that is not covered by an existing Magento block, you may need to write some PHP to do it. In my case I needed an image rotator to cycle through some images. There are plenty of examples of rotators on the web and a few hints on doing it with Magento but I wanted control and I wanted to understand it so...

Merging two text files line by line

Sometimes I have text files containing simple one line records that are used on more than one computer so they may get out of sync. For example, password files maintained on more than one machine, user records or the like.

Deploying commercial websites without upsetting customers

When deploying updates to a large website (Joomla or Magento sites get pretty big), active clients can be a real pain. Their sessions will break and, at worst, orders or other important data can be lost as files are changed during the deployment.

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