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Will MEAN replace Django?

I love Django, perhaps mostly because I love Python but Django's ORM is lovable in its own right. Using it, fronted by Nginx, I've built sites ranging from the simple (like mine here) to the highly complex such as the (team built) liquid site.

Using with virtualenv to handle the development of main and sub-projects

I'm still bugged by the complexity of using git subtrees to effectively handle development on main and sub projects. In my case I have several 'main' projects that are Django sites which share a functioning but actively developed app. I can work with the git subtree solution but I constantly have to remind myself of the required commands for merging and updating.

Splitting a git repository into two projects and reintegrating them

I have a Django app which is proving very useful so I need to split it out into its own repository so that I can share it between multiple projects. As the client (CCCS), generously and sensibly keep their non sensitive project code as open source, I can present this as a real example. The app is the 'documents' app which manages an S3 repository containing many thousands of documents.

Why do I choose Django over Joomla every time?

I worked with Joomla for many years, building sites using versions 1 through 3. This site has been converted from Joomla 2.5 fairly recently. These days I always favour building new sites with Django. Here are my reasons:

Django can make cyclic python imports confusing

I've just had a horrible bug regarding import problems. I had a website migrated from another developer service running nicely so I tried to deploy it on my usual nginx/gunicorn set up. It raised an error telling me it could not import a middleware file that it imported perfectly happily in either the Django shell or when using Django's runserver command.

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