Banner images and single article module displays in Joomla 1.5

There are common issues with people trying to get Joomla to display nice distinctive pages or banners for particular pages.

This is actually easy to achieve but its not immediately evident that a picture is just another article from this perspective. The most common template position to display your images on a template will be the 'banner' but this aspect does depend on the particular template you are using so you will have to experiment.

Once you've selected the position that you intend to use, make sure you are happy with its size. Its best to present images of a consistent size that match the desired position. This is one place where presentation and content have to be considered together. A typical banner is 468x60 pixels.

Put all the banner images you intend to use under <yoursite>/images/stories/banners/ or some such convenient subfolder.

Create a section e.g. 'Banner images' to hold all of your banner image articles.

Create categories in that section for each collection of images. An image collection in this sense may just be one image and its used to group images that we're going to pick from at random on any particular page (menu item from Joomla's perspective).

For example, you might create 'General banner images' and 'About us banner images' as categories. Make sure the categories are in the Banner images section.

To display the images you now need to create a new 'Newsflash' module for each collection (category). Make sure you turn the title off and pick the 'Randomly choose one at a time' layout. Check the Show images option too.

Now use the 'Menu assignment' to select the pages (menu items) that you want the particular collection of images to show for.

This same trick can be used to display single articles anywhere on a particular page so long as you are happy having the article in its own distinct section and category.


Cat Matson 12 years ago

Thanks Paul... very informative & useful (as always)

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