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Using tar for full and incremental backups

There is a lot of confusion about tar when it is used for incremental backups. There are plenty of utilities that attempt to automate backup and restoration but often, in their attempts to make it simpler they make life harder.

Password protecting a website folder

Sometimes you just need to do this directly. There are lots of utilities in server administration programs such as cpanel, plesk or virtualmin that will do this for you but if you have shell access here is the quick way.

Merge Joomla sites

Merging two joomla sites into one

This comes up as a job every now and again and its a bit nerve wracking so here's my quick hackers guide to doing it. Don't expect to follow this verbatim but it should help you get the job done. You will need to be working at the linux command line and familiar with mysql client. Let me know if there is anything that needs clarifying or explaining further.

Adding the comment facility to Joomla articles - mxComment

Its good to allow users to add comments and to rate the articles on a website. The mxComment utility provides effective ratings and commenting.

The Solution To Global Warming

Today we see governments planning to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on schemes that might delay global warming by a scant few years at best. To put these schemes in perspective, look at the population increase which is a little over 200,000 people every day. That is a brand new good sized city every fortnight.

The only practical way to address the human factors involved in global warming is to reduce the human population on the planet.

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