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Deploying commercial websites without upsetting customers

When deploying updates to a large website (Joomla or Magento sites get pretty big), active clients can be a real pain. Their sessions will break and, at worst, orders or other important data can be lost as files are changed during the deployment.

Keeping your website secure

There are lots of online references available to help secure your site but many of them will try to sell you a 'security scan' or other services and most have some axe to grind regarding a particular product or issue.

My MySQL naming convention

I am sometimes asked about my naming convention for MySQL. A clear naming convention has been essential for me for years because it is sometimes years that pass before I have to revisit some database that I wrote or modified for a client.

Keep control

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Keep control, just in case you need it.

My pledge to you

My work is yours. Almost all the code I supply or write is either open source or assigned to you so that you have full rights to use and adapt it as you see fit. This gives you security and freedom because you don't have to depend on me or anyone else in particular to maintain, change or extend your website or application should the need arise.

Take control of technology

Paul Whipp

Take control of technology

We all know that the internet is important to our businesses and that technology can help make us more efficient.

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