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Merging two text files line by line

Sometimes I have text files containing simple one line records that are used on more than one computer so they may get out of sync. For example, password files maintained on more than one machine, user records or the like.

Recovering from subversion corruption or accidentally deleted folders

Subversion is great and very handy but it can be a real pain on the rare occassions that it goes wrong.

Give one IP exclusive access to your site

You can usually work on a live website without preventing visitors from accessing it. They might see the odd menu item appear or disappear or an image move etc. but these things are rarely a concern.

Does website analysis affect page rank?

Monitoring services like servermojo and webmetrics are a good way to keep on top of your website's performance. However, it can be alarming to see the high number of bounces appearing in google analytics as a result of the monitoring services checking your site.

Finding and killing processes on ports

I often have to develop server applications for clients and its easy, especially during development to have processes left around listening on ports. There is a slow way and a quick way to kill any such unwanted processes off.

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