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Useful php at the command line

The ubuntu command line php uses a special cli build of php by default which is a pain if you want to use it to test or play with php scripts that would normally work on your apache webserver.

Adding Image rotator PHP code to Magento

If you want to display something relating to products or files that is not covered by an existing Magento block, you may need to write some PHP to do it. In my case I needed an image rotator to cycle through some images. There are plenty of examples of rotators on the web and a few hints on doing it with Magento but I wanted control and I wanted to understand it so...

ICANN's Top-Level Domain Plan is a Fool's Gold Rush

The deregulation of top level domain (TLD) names is certainly creating a 'landgrab' BUT...

Display zero values as blanks on a calc spreadsheet

Most people know that you can set all of the values on a sheet to display blank if the value is the number zero. This can be annoying on some sheets where you want certain columns to show the zeros and others to be blank if the value is zero. There is an easy fix for this.

Is Home Solar Worthwhile?

Should you invest in a solar power system and, if so, how big a system should you get?

The answer depends upon your circumstances but I provide a free workbook below to make it easy for you to work out.

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