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Get started with GitHub for business

With GitHub, you can see all of the issues relating to your project at a glance. You can review an issue and drill down as deep as you wish, right to who added and changed what lines of code and when they did it to fix the issue. What is more, this incredible management power comes with features that save your developers time and effort rather than forcing them to 'waste' time preparing reports or updating you.

Set up AWS so you control your services and their costs

Any cloud service, whether it is a website, a complex business system or an API is implemented by one or more servers connected to the Internet. Many developers and hosting services keep control of these services which makes it potentially difficult for you to scale up your services, add more developers or change your arrangements.

Why you need to own your code... and how to do it

If you use proprietary software such as Microsoft Word or Google Drive, you are dependent upon those companies. You rely on them to supply the software you need to view, edit and print your documents and you trust them to keep on doing that in the future. Luckily they are big companies and they do a pretty good job on the whole.

Track which files change during complex operations

When administering systems and deploying code we are often updating large numbers of files. When some of these files change as a result of deployment the implications can be time consuming so we might only want to carry out dependent actions on the server when the file actually changes. Enter my little file tracking utility. Here is the content of

Adding context within Django templates

The 'right' way to add context to a django template is to go to its view and update the context data. However, this can be a pain, particularly when you have content that you want to add across a significant number of templates. Things like special items in your left or right columns that need to appear in lots of pages or addenda where you are adding more context to an application template that you didn't write.

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