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Why governments need to fear IPv6

IPv6 is here but it is currently handled in much the same way as IPv4. IPv4 supports 4.3 billion distinct machines (strictly interface identifiers because a machine can, and often does, have more than one IPv4 address but it is easier to think of them as machines). IPv4 is running out more because of the way businesses have sliced and diced the numbers than because 4.3 billion is too small a number but it would have run out eventually anyway.

Dealing with comment spam

My site has suffered from comment spam with over 2,500 comments coming in from bots or low paid workers adding links and random garbage since I last looked.

Open SSL: Still the best option for secure internet communication

Our goal is to transfer information securely between a known client (Alice) and a service (Bob) such that Bob and Alice can be certain that only they are privy to the information being exchanged. Once the information is in their hands, they trust each other not to pass it on to anyone else. A spy (Charles) cannot masquerade as either Alice or Bob and he cannot evesdrop on what Alice and Bob are saying to one another.

Getting php-cli to match php5-fpm so it behaves consistently under nginx

Nginx is very fast and simple to configure. Getting Python to play nice with it using WSGI is a breeze. PHP is a little tricky.

Using a Proxy to Simplify API Access

The example below shows a simple utilisation of the proxy model to securely access an API. The API in question happens to be fairly full secure access to the Django ORM for a substantial business application but it could be any object oriented API.

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