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Why do I choose Django over Joomla every time?

I worked with Joomla for many years, building sites using versions 1 through 3. This site has been converted from Joomla 2.5 fairly recently. These days I always favour building new sites with Django. Here are my reasons:

FizzBuzz done right as a programming problem

FizzBuzz is a classic programming question often given at interview. The question goes like this:

Django can make cyclic python imports confusing

I've just had a horrible bug regarding import problems. I had a website migrated from another developer service running nicely so I tried to deploy it on my usual nginx/gunicorn set up. It raised an error telling me it could not import a middleware file that it imported perfectly happily in either the Django shell or when using Django's runserver command.

Upstart jobs that depend upon non upstart jobs

Upstart is wonderful. It is a clear, concise and robust way to ensure that processes get launched in the right way on a Linux server.

Faster SSH access

SSH is wonderful for easy login and communication between machines. It underpins the excellent rsync for quick file synchronisation and a number of other very useful tools including all manner of remote administration utilities.

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