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Open SSL: Still the best option for secure internet communication

Our goal is to transfer information securely between a known client (Alice) and a service (Bob) such that Bob and Alice can be certain that only they are privy to the information being exchanged. Once the information is in their hands, they trust each other not to pass it on to anyone else. A spy (Charles) cannot masquerade as either Alice or Bob and he cannot evesdrop on what Alice and Bob are saying to one another.

Getting php-cli to match php5-fpm so it behaves consistently under nginx

Nginx is very fast and simple to configure. Getting Python to play nice with it using WSGI is a breeze. PHP is a little tricky.

Using a Proxy to Simplify API Access

The example below shows a simple utilisation of the proxy model to securely access an API. The API in question happens to be fairly full secure access to the Django ORM for a substantial business application but it could be any object oriented API.

Get started with GitHub for business

With GitHub, you can see all of the issues relating to your project at a glance. You can review an issue and drill down as deep as you wish, right to who added and changed what lines of code and when they did it to fix the issue. What is more, this incredible management power comes with features that save your developers time and effort rather than forcing them to 'waste' time preparing reports or updating you.

Set up AWS so you control your services and their costs

Any cloud service, whether it is a website, a complex business system or an API is implemented by one or more servers connected to the Internet. Many developers and hosting services keep control of these services which makes it potentially difficult for you to scale up your services, add more developers or change your arrangements.

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