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Is Forex trading astrology for geeks?

Forex derivatives are an exciting prospect for anyone interested in making money. That includes me.

Spring cleaning your computer

Computer desktops can get pretty much like real desktops except that they are much harder to tidy up. With the computer, its not just the desktop, its the hard drive and often the program files themselves that all clamour for a spring clean.

Saying goodbye to Microsoft Windows ...and hello to Linux with ubuntu

I've been programming and working with computers professionally since 1983. Ever since the dawn of Microsoft with their buying up of QDOS and the subsequent appearance of Windows, I've admired their ability to market and promote software. When they bought QDOS it was an acronym for 'Quick and Dirty Operating System' which was immediately changed by Microsoft to 'Quick Disk Operating System' and thence to 'MS-DOS' and promoted aggressively to OEMs (more or less creating the term in the process if I recall correctly).

Sending personal emails to groups of people

If you have a group of people you regularly email, for example the local football team members or a group of friends there are many ways you can email them as a group.

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