Paul is a successful programmer, project manager and business consultant. Capitalising on over twenty years of programming and project management, he develops software leveraging open source and the latest frameworks to unleash exceptional productivity

The future of the web is in secure online applications and open source.

No local software installations or updates will be needed.

Users can work knowing that their work is secure and is always based on up to date correct information.

This capability is available right now and makes every business of any size more efficient and less prone to error or stoppage.

There is too much reinvention of the wheel and too much complexity in today's software. Open source keeps bugs to the minimum and future proofs your applications.

There are also too many large teams who are lacking in productivity. We draw experienced teams together on an as needed basis, and use online Agile Development techniques to keep productivity as high as possible.

All work is covered by full Professional indemnification  and Public & Products Liability insurance (IFN121A6D541/168320).

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Paul Whipp Consulting is a registered business name (BN20753056) owned and operated by the Whipp Family Trust (ABN 32 507 522 641).

Australia: 07 3103 2894

International: +61 410 545 357